About us

James Mansfield


Andrew Hine


Matthew Martin


Our vision

To make organising a sports teams as simple as possible.

We know from personal experience that organising a sports team is a messy affair and we believed we could build a product that would help, that's why we started designing and building Got a Team.

Our principles

Every successful team has values and principles and our team is no different. We've built, and continue to refine, Got a team following some core principles:

Get out of the way

The less you use Got a team the better. Our product is focussed on taking as little of your time as possible. To stay out of the way so you can focus on your game.

Focus on the core

You won't find features you don't want getting in the way. We focus on the most important things, getting a team on the pitch, field, oval, lane. On making the core tasks as simple and delightful to use as possible.

Continuous improvement

Like any elite sport team we're focussed on continual improvement and revisiting every feature and interaction. We listen to our customers and monitor the metrics to make sure we're creating the best possible experience for you.